“When I walk up the piazza of Santa Croce I feel as if it were not a Florentine nor an European church but a church built by and for the human race.
I feel equally at home within its walls as the Grand Duke, so hospitably sound to me the names of its mighty dead.
Buonarroti and Galileo lived for us all.”

— Ralph Waldo Emerson, 1835

The Church of Santa Croce in Florence is an encyclopedia of Italian art from the 13th to 19th century. It is known as the Pantheon of Italian Greats due to its being the memorial or burial place of artists, scientists and thinkers such as Machiavelli, Michelangelo, Galileo Galilei and Rossini.

An important landmark of Florence since its construction at the dawn of the Renaissance, the Monumental Complex of Santa Croce is a property of Fondo Edifici di Culto – Ministry of the Interior and of the city of Florence. Its heritage belongs to all of humanity.

Opera di Santa Croce is the non-profit organization in charge of the church and monumental complex of Santa Croce from the 14th century. Its mission is to preserve and promote the cultural, spiritual and artistic heritage, that stemmed from the Franciscan roots, but flourished with the history of Florence into our modern times.

Santa Croce navata centrale

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The Opera di Santa Croce in Florence is currently running several fundraising projects, and they are all a great opportunity to become part of the history of Santa Croce: get involved in one of the restoration projects currently in need of funding in Florence!

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Donations of any amount are welcome and appreciated. All donors will be recognized on our website and inscribed in the Book of Donors to be kept in Santa Croce’s centuries old Archive.

All donations made in the United States are 100% tax deductible, thanks to the kind cooperation with King Baudouin Foundation.

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